About Alana

Alana Sellers is a personal fashion stylist with a difference. She focuses on helping women develop confidence in their own shape and style whilst promoting the slow-fashion philosophy. Trained by the London College of Style and Colour Me Beautiful, Alana is passionate about helping women feel amazing in every item they wear, and styling things in such a way that they feel like the truest and most authentic version of themselves.

She is a big believer in style over trend. Trends come and go, and they can leave us exhausted as we try and keep our wardrobes filled with new items. Alana used to shop this way, and she ended up with a wardrobe full of garments that didn’t coordinate or suit her colouring or shape. When she stopped worrying about trends, Alana became so much more excited about her wardrobe. Having the confidence to wear things that truly express who you are, no matter what that looks like: THAT is style. And style never goes out of fashion.

  • My Skills - Personal styling, colour consulting
  • My Equipment - Colour palettes, fabric swatches
  • My Likes - Vivienne Westwood, woolly jumpers, vintage dresses, spicy food, Rioja, mornings with espresso + friends, experimental jazz, travelling, my darling dog Meg
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