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Colour Confidence

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Ever tried on an outfit and thought “something is just not right”? The chances are, the colour didn’t work in harmony with your natural skin tone. Colours can make or break a look. This package is your ultimate guide to developing colour confidence so you always feel your best.


Alana will go through colour swatches and palettes, determining which colours best fit your skin tone, eyes and hair. This session will equip you with knowledge that you can then take whilst shopping. No more stress in asking yourself, Does this colour/pattern work on me? You’ll have colour expertise so you can purchase only the clothes that suit you perfectly, which means fewer clothes in your wardrobe that are never worn. More confidence, less fashion waste!


If you’re feeling lost with makeup, this session also includes a full makeup tutorial. Learn the tricks and tips that won’t leave you feeling ‘overdone.’  All makeovers are completely customised for each individual client.